Even More Great Ways to Save Money





Even More Great Ways to Save Money

We continue with the highlights of AARP's 99 Great Ways to Save - here are a few more ideas....

  1. Prolong the life of your fruits and veggies....wrap them with a paper towel and put them into a container or plastic bag.  The towel will absorb water that causes rot.  Also line the produce drawer with paper towels.  Save a few buck a week or $100 a year!
  2. AARP's list says suspend your gym membership for the summer and take your exercise outside to enjoy the fresh air.  But since we are in Florida - I would say suspend your gym membership in the winter and enjoy our lovely weather outside.  It's just too hot in the summer!!  You could save up to $60 a month for each suspended month.
  3. Go meatless once per week.  One study concluded that vegetarians save approximately $750 on their food bill each year.  So by ditching meat one day a week, you could save up to $100 a year.  
  4. Use rechargeable batteries.  A battery charger and a couple of AA batteries that can be recharged hundreds of times will cost about $40.  Disposable AA batteries cost about 50 cents each, so you could save up to $150.  
  5. Become a YouTube handyperson and save on home repairs.  I have personally used this one.  The shower knob broke and would not turn the water off or on.  I watched a YouTube video on how to replace it and did it perfectly the first time.  I saved myself the cost of paying a plumber a trip call - $100 minimum!!

Next week is our last week of Ways to Save Money!  If you want the full list - click here.

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