More Great Ways to Save Money





More Great Ways to Save Money

Last week, we started a list of the highlights of AARP's 99 Ways to Save Money.  Here are a few more this week.....

  1. Celebrate your birthday with free eats!  Who doesn't want to eat free?  The website Thrillist has a list of 75 major food chains that offer free items on your special day.  For example, KOBE's restaurant offer up to $30 off an adult meal with the purchase of another adult meal during your birthday month.  Plus, they bring a cupcake and sing to you while you wear their cool chef's hat!!
  2. Buy dryer balls instead of using fabric softener.  Dryer balls reduce wrinkles and control static cling without the extra cost or chemicals.  With a small upfront investment, you can save $20 a year on fabric softener (the cost of about two big bottles).
  3. Buy bulk movie tickets.  Tickets can cost $12-$14 at the theater.  You can buy 10 tickets shipped free from for $91.98 - that's a savings of over $35.
  4. Have your computer search for savings.  Honey ( is a free extension you add to your web browser.  When you shop online, click on the icon and it searches for coupons.  For example, while shopping for a refrigerator at Sears, Honey found a code for an extra $35 off!
  5. If you car is driven under 5,000 miles a year, ask your insurer for a low-mileage discount.  The average savings is $92 a year!

More ways to save coming next week.  For the complete list click here.

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