Planning a Trip this Fall - Here are a Few Tips to Keep You and Your Home Safe





Planning a Trip this Fall - Here are a Few Tips to Keep You and Your Home Safe

If you love to travel, it's fun to let all your friends know how much fun you are having while you are gone.  But...did you know you could also be letting the bad guys know you are away as well?  Here are a few tips to keep both you and your home safe while you are away!

  • Don't discuss your travel plans before or while you are away on social media.  You never know who is stalking out there looking for opportunities.  If you feel you must share - wait until you return home and make sure your post indicates that you had a great time, but it's wonderful to be back home.  Letting others know you are away and your house is unoccupied gives the bad guys an opportunity to burglarize.
  • Be wary of public Wi-Fi.  Don't check your bank accounts or credit card accounts or any other website with sensitive information using public Wi-Fi.  Again - you never know who is lurking out there just waiting for the opportunity to steal your log-in information.  Wait until you have access to a secure network that you trust before looking at any sensitive websites.
  • Be careful how you pay while on vacation.  It is preferred to use a credit card over a debit card in the event that your account information is compromised.  With a credit card, you can just dispute the charge and you don't have to pay anything until it is resolved.  But if its a debit card, they can clean our your checking/savings/money market account.  The bank has 60 days to resolve the claim - which could leave you in a bad situation.
  • Turn off your home computers.  Computers always left on are more susceptible to hacking.
  • Change your Passwords often.  And use passwords that are not common to guess.  Use symbols as well as upper/lower case letters and numbers.
  • Protect your home by alerting the home alarm provider so they will know the house is vacant.  Also disconnect the garage door manually to protect the bad guys from cracking the code.  And unplug any devices or appliances connected to the internet.  

Everyone wants to be able to relax and enjoy their trip.  Performing these tips can go a long way toward that end!

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