It's Tax Time - Don't Fall for Scams that Appear to Come from the IRS

The time has arrived to start filing your 2015 tax return. W-2's and 1099's have been mailed. Tax payers are gathering all their documentation to file their returns.  In all the busyness of gathering the documents, don't fall for scams that appear to be coming from the IRS.

Don't Live Beyond your Means - 3 Money Mistakes you May be Making

Are you like millions of Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck? Many have a decent income, but as their income increases, so does their spending. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, here are three common mistakes you may be making.

The 4 Essential Elements of a Retirement Plan

Until recently, many retirees have been able to rely upon the three-legged stool of retirement income sources: A defined benefit pension plan that guarantees a lifetime income, their own savings, and Social Security.

Our Biggest Financial Challenges are often Self-Inflicted

In many respects, people can be their own worst enemies in their quest for financial security. When you consider that our lives are nothing more than a culmination of the decisions we make each day, if we tend to make more bad decisions than good decisions, or worse, if we can’t make decisions at all, it’s should be no surprise when financial security remains elusive.

January is the time to fill out your FAFSA

Whether you are a new or a returning college student, January is the time for those seeking financial aid for the 2016-2017 academic year to complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). A FAFSA is required to qualify for federal, state and school-based financial aid.

Market Update January 15, 2016

Happy New Year! We hope your holidays and the beginning of the new year went well for you.The Stock market certainly isn’t behaving very kindly toward 2016. It has been a wild ride so far. The best phrase we feel summarized these past 9 days of trading is “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”. But even a “fear” sell off is painful.

Is Your New's Resolution to Save More Money? Here are a few creative ideas

Happy New Year! 2016 has arrived and many of you have made your New Years Resolutions. Along with losing weight and eating healthier many of you have resolved to save more money in 2016. Here are a few fun and creative ways to help....

Market Update and Important Year End Reminders

Hello! Well, this certainly has been an interesting four months in the stock market. August – September saw a 15% drop in the DOW. It was mainly a fear driven drop based on the Chinese Yuan revaluation and other international events. In October and November we saw part of that drop come back. However, the Dow is still down 1.5% year to date.

10 Year-End Planning Questions to Consider

2015 is winding down. Its important to review financial areas that could impact your overall financial plan. Here are 10 questions to consider:

1. Has anything in your life changes in the past 12 months or do you anticipate any changes in the next 12 months?

2. Have you maximized your 401k or IRA contributions this year?

Want a Satisfying Retirement? Here are a few ideas......

You've dreamed and planned of this day for years - your first day of retirement! It's a wonderful and satisfied feeling knowing how hard you have worked all these years to finally be able to relax! But how do you keep that satisfied feeling for say 25-30 years?? Here are a few ideas that might help....

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