Stonebridge Financial Planning Group, LLC is a passionate team of professionals who are committed to helping you experience the lifestyle outcomes you desire. Our logo – a stone bridge – is a visual reminder of our passion. We assist you in building a solid pathway to your future financial dreams. A pathway that is solid and strong enough to withstand all the changes and challenges that life brings your way!

Stonebridge is fee based and fully independent, which allows us to find the best solutions from the universe of solutions for you individually.

We specialize in working with women and their families. Our expertise is bridging all the key elements of life into one plan. Over the years, we then work with you on this plan to ensure you feel organized and successful in working towards your goals….whatever they may be.

From your first investment to your last distribution, we are there to take the complex world of finances and make sense of these for you and your family. We are your financial partner in all phases of your life – our success depends on your success!